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Blogging as a Means to an End: A Unique Approach to Social Media PR

January 6, 2013

Note: This piece had the honor of being featured as a guest post on Well Begun is Half Done.


Marketing and Public Relations are two subjects that aren’t usually a very high priority at most law firms. Some firms are fortunate enough to have a sterling reputation that does the talking for them while others are left to plaster their smiling faces on billboards, bus benches and daytime TV. Social media is hardly used in its traditional sense, as very few people demand constant updates on firm news and happenings.
However, the folks at Ford & Harrison found the solution to this dilemma in one of the most innovative corporate PR blogs I’ve ever seen. The firm specializes in employment and labor law. The blog, “That’s What She Said,” ( follows NBC’s The Office, analyzing episodes in terms of employment law mishaps and “estimating how much the politically incorrect behavior of Michael Scott and Dunder Mifflin would cost real-life companies to defend.”
Accordingly, the blog educates the public about the nuances of employment law, but in a way that’s funny, entertaining and steeped in pop culture. More importantly, framing these issues through such a popular TV show makes them exponentially more accessible to the public. Most importantly of all, all of this comes to you attached to the name of one of the nation’s leading firms in this field of law. It’s brilliant, really.
The lesson to be learned here is that there’s always a way to relate you or your company to the public, but you might have to think outside the box to find it. Would many people read a straightforward blog about employment and labor law? Other than human resources professionals, probably not. However, the Ford & Harrison lawyers didn’t have to look very hard to find the issues they deal with manifested to the extreme on The Office, and that was something that more people would be willing to read about.
The blog isn’t about the firm, the blog is by the firm. The blog is unique, entertaining, and culturally relevant. The blog isn’t the end goal for Ford & Harrison; Dunder Mifflin isn’t real, there’s not a very promising future in pursuing employment litigation there. Rather, the blog serves as a means to the firm’s end goal of attracting more clients. First and foremost, it entertains. But then it educates. And then it ties back to the firm as an expert in the field, and a pretty cool and relatable one at that (my attorney wins cases AND still finds the time to watch TV!).

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