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2012 Albums of the Year: 25-16

December 19, 2012

25. Patterson Hood – Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance


Pitchfork: 6.5/10

Metacritic: 77/100

24. Chromatics – Kill for Love


Pitchfork: 8.7/10

Metacritic: 80/100

23. Tame Impala – Lonerism


Pitchfork: 9.0/10

Metacritic: 88/100

22. Dave Matthews Band – Away From The World


Pitchfork: –

Metacritic: 77/100

21. David Byrne & St. Vincent – Love This Giant


Pitchfork: 5.9/10

Metacritic: 77/100

20. Reptar – Body Faucet


Pitchfork: 3.0/10

Metacritic: 51/100

19. Burial – Kindred


Pitchfork: 8.7/10

Metacritic: 88/100

18. Sigur Ros – Valtari


Pitchfork: 6.1/10

Metacritic: 74/100

17. Mala – Mala in Cuba


Pitchfork: 6.6/10

Metacritic: 75/100

16. Animal Collective – Centipede Hz


Pitchfork: 7.4/10

Metacritic: 75/100


Average Pitchfork Score: 6.9/10

Average Metacritic Score: 76/100

A lot of these albums seem to come from artists that have enjoyed for a while or at least been familiar with prior to these releases. The significantly higher Average Metacritic score here tells me that critical sources other than Pitchfork might be more kind to artists in the vein of the Dave Matthews Band, Drive By Truckers’ frontman Patterson Hood, and local favorite Reptar. I had seriously forgotten about the sheer hatred Ian Cohen had for Body Faucet in such a painfully scathing review that sounds more like a personal vendetta against God-knows-what rather than a professional, objective review.

Anyhow, despite a mediocre Metacritic score and a complete passing-over by Pitchfork, Away From the World was a promising release in that it continued DMB’s trajectory in a very positive direction. It followed 2009’s Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, which in itself was a huge step up from a decade of sub-par releases (i.e. Everyday and Stand Up). The reunion with producer Steve Lillywhite, producer of the band’s best works in its 90’s prime, was huge and hopefully indicative of good things to come.

Sigur Ros can release as many hauntingly beautiful and surreal albums as they so please and I will love every single one, but nothing will ever land in the same ball park as 2002’s ( ) for me. When a band puts out one of your favorite albums of all time, they give themselves a pretty tough job with any follow-up releases.

Finally, Mala and Chromatics both represent new discoveries for me. Both have pretty unique sounds and both are seriously enjoyable to listen to.


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